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Today, I want to present a top 3 of the most amazing and majestic waterfalls I have seen (that’s not to say that I saw a whole lot of them, but they were really spectacular!)

I have always been fascinated with water and everything to do with it. Having lived my whole life in a city by the sea, I guess it was only natural that I have a connection with it.

Waterfall at Balchik Castle, Bulgaria

3. The Waterfalls at Balchik Castle, Bulgaria

Balchik Castle is a wonder right next to the sea. With its impressive gardens (I highly recommend a visit in the spring or summer time!) overlooking the Black Sea on its Bulgarian coastline, it features the lengthy waterfall above, which is very spectacular.

Being the first thing you hear when you approach the Castle, the waterfall seems to herald its entrance.

Waterfall at Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal

2. The waterfall at Quinta da Regaleira Palace, Sintra, Portugal

The impressive waterfall at Quinta da Regaleira is a beauty in itself, but it also features a complex maze underneath. The labyrinth leads to a passage where you can see the waterfall from inside, creating a spectacular view. You can also explore the grotto and end up right under the waterfall.

Bigar Falls, Romania

1. The Bigăr Waterfall, Romania

Voted #1 în The “Eight most amazing waterfalls in the world”, by The World Geography, Bigăr Cascade Falls can be found just off the Main road. Located in the Nera Gorges, in Beușnița National Park, the waterfall features an amazing waterdrop, not due to its height, but rather it’s many springs.