City Cards

Hello everybody!

Today, I want to talk about city cards, and whether or not they are worth their price.

While visiting Prague, we had no idea (or maybe there wasn’t one at the time!) about Prague Card, so we only bought 2 72-hour tickets, one for each of us, which were valid for all forms of transport around the city (like metro, bus, trams, etc.). They proved to be very useful, and the cost / benefit ratio was really good! All in all, I really recommend Prague as a budget-friendly destination, but I will write more about that in dedicated articles!

You can see all transport options here:

You can read more about Prague Card here:

While visiting Lisbon, I was already sort of familiar with the “City Card” concept, so I looked up the card and decided to buy it. It proved to be a great idea, as the card was valid up to and including our trip to the airport, so it was a wise choice.

You can see all the discounts and gratuities here:

Do you have any advice regarding City Passes?

Vltava River Cruise

Today, I would like to remember one of the best days of my life 😄

My now husband proposed to me on a river cruise while in Prague. It was a really great trip.

I recommend the company we used to purchase the tickets, as transport to the boat is also included in the pack, and I also recommend purchasing transport back to the hotel (when we disenbarked, it started raining, in 5 minutes it was pouring, and there were no taxis to be seen, we were fortunate to have bought the full pack so we enjoyed the drive back to the hotel.

I’m just going to leave you with a couple of photos.




Have you ever visited Prague?

Have you ever been on a river cruise?

Do you have any recommendations?