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Hello everybody!

Today, I would like to begin a new category of posts, titled Surprise Test Sunday.

Seeing that my Short Story Sunday didn’t get a lot of attention, I will try to test out your knowledge of the previous lessons by providing a series of tests. In the description, you will find the links to the lessons we are testing, and I am inviting you to browse them first. You can try answering these questions in a group lesson, or you can post comments to this post, and I will be sure to check and provide feedback! Think of this as a free weekly lesson! ūüôā

For the first test in this category, we will focus on greetings, numbers, days, months and seasons!

Ex. 1 – Choose the correct answer:

1. She is a very smart girl! She is …. in her class.

a) first b) firth c) third d) one

2. I hope we find a good secretary soon! We have already interviewed ….

a) fifty b) fifth c) five d) eightyn

3. September is the …. month of the year.

a) nineth b) ninth c) nine d) ninetyeth

4. The Northern hemisphere has …. seasons.

a) four b) five c) fifth d) fourth

5. Could you please … that again?

a) say b) speak c) said d) saying

5 x 0.20p = 1p

Ex. 2 – complete the sentence with the correct word! (The following sentences each have only one word missing, marked with “…”. Write the correct word for each sentence.)

1. …. is the first day of the week when I am in the office, as I work from home on Moday.

2. I was number twelve on that list, and Jodie was two places below me, so she was the … .

3. Today is October 1st, and my brother’s wedding is in a month and a half, so on … 15th.

4. My name is Joao, I am from Lisbon, and I speak … .

5. My favorite season is … . I love going to the beach!

6. I won a prize today, because I was the one … shopper.

6 x 0,5p = 3p

Ex. 3 – Write phrases with the following words (you can use more than one word in each sentence)

– Lisbon,

– afternoon,

– January,

– evening,

– Wednesday,

– twelve,

– winter,

– sixtieth,

– name,

– Italy.

10 x 1p = 10p

Ex. 4 – Write a short answer (20-50 words) to the following question:

Where would you like to travel next?


Good luck everybody!


Una de las primeras cosas que debes aprender cuando viajas es decir “¬°Hola!”, presentarte y mencionar algunas cosas sobre ti.

– ¬°Hola!

– Como estas?

– Estoy bien, gracias!

– Mi nombre es… / Me llamo…

– Soy italiano / portugu√©s / franc√©s / espa√Īol.

– De donde eres?

– Soy de Italia / Sicilia / Catania / Portugal / Lisboa / Francia / Par√≠s / Espa√Īa / Barcelona.

– ¬°Encantado de conocerte!

Р¡Buenos días! ¡Buenas tardes! ¡Buena noches!


– ¬°Que tengas una buena noche!


– Por favor!

– ¬°Gracias!

– ¬°Por favor habla m√°s despacio!

– ¬ŅPodr√≠as escribir eso?

– ¬°Por favor, dilo de nuevo!

РSí / No / Tal vez / ¡No entiendo!

– ¬ŅHabla usted Espa√Īol?
– ¬°Hablo un poco de Espa√Īol!


Lorsque vous voyagez, vous devez tout d‚Äôabord apprendre √† dire ¬ęBonjour!¬Ľ, √Ä vous pr√©senter et √† mentionner certaines choses qui vous concernent.

– Bonjour!

– Comment vas-tu?

– Je vais bien merci!

– Mon nom est… / Je m’apelle…

РJe suis italien / portugais / français / espagnol.

– D’o√Ļ √™tes-vous?

– Je viens d’Italie / de la Sicile / de Catane / du Portugal / de Lisbonne / de France / de Paris / d’Espagne / de Barcelone.

– Ravi de vous rencontrer!

РBonjour! Bonne après-midi! Bonsoir! Bonne nuit!

– Au revoir!

РPassez une bonne soirée!

– Excusez-moi!

– S’il vous pla√ģt!

– Je vous remercie!

– Parlez plus lentement s’il vous pla√ģt!

– Pourriez-vous s’il vous pla√ģt √©crire √ßa?

– Redites √ßa, s’il vous pla√ģt!

РOui / Non / Peut-être / Je ne comprends pas!

– Parlez vous francais?
– Je parle un peu du francais!


Entre as primeiras coisas que voc√™ precisa aprender quando voc√™ viaja est√° dizendo “Ol√°!”, apresentando-se e mencionando algumas coisas sobre voc√™.

– Ol√°!

РComo você está?

– Estou bem, obrigado!

– Meu nome √©…

РEu sou italiano / português / francês / espanhol.
РDe onde você é?
РEu sou da Itália / Sicília / Catania / Portugal / do Lisboa / da França / Paris / Espanha / Barcelona.

РPrazer em conhecê-lo!

– Bom Dia! Boa tarde! Boa noite! Boa noite!

– Adeus!

– Tenha uma boa noite!

– Desculpe!

– Por favor!

– Obrigado!

– Por favor fale mais devagar!

РVocê poderia por favor escrever isso?

– Por favor, diga isso de novo!

– Sim / N√£o / Talvez / Eu n√£o entendo!

РVocê fala português?

РEu falo um pouco de português!


Tra le prime cose che devi imparare quando viaggi √® dire “Ciao!”, presentati, e presentare alcune cose su di te.
– Ciao!

– Come stai?

– Io sto bene, grazie!

– Il mio nome √® …

– Sono inglese / italiano / portoghese / francese / spagnolo.
– Da dove vieni?
– Vengo dall’Italia / dalla Sicilia / da Catania / dal Portogallo / da Lisbona / dalla Francia / da Parigi / dalla Spagna / da Barcellona.

– Piacere di conoscerti!

– Buongiorno! Buon pomeriggio! Buonasera! Buona notte!

– Addio!

– Buona serata!

– Scusami!

– Per favore!

– Grazie!

– Per favore, parla pi√Ļ lentamente!

– Potresti scriverlo per favore?

– Per favore ripetilo!

РSì / No / Forse / Non capisco!

– Lei parla italiano?
– Parlo un po’di italiano!


Among the first things you need to learn when travelling is saying “Hello!”, introducing yourself and mentioning some things about you.

– Hello!

– How are you?

– I’m fine, thank you!

– My name is…

– I am Italian / Portuguese / French / Spanish.
– Where are you from?
– I am from Italy / Sicily / Catania / Portugal / Lisbon / France / Paris / Spain / Barcelona.

– Pleased to meet you!

– Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! Good night!

– Good bye!

– Have a nice evening!

– Excuse me!

– Please!

– Thank you!

– Please speak more slowly!

– Could you please write that?
– Please, say that again!

– Yes / No / Maybe / I don’t understand!

– Do you speak English?
– I speak a little English!
– Does anybody here speak English?

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