Sports (5)

Hello everybody!

This week, we will learn another lesson about sports!

  • The archer reached for the quiver and took out another arrow.
  • My brother and his fiancee enjoy outdoor sports, like rafting, skiing, rock climbing, snorkeling, snowboarding and scuba diving.
  • My kid loves jumping on the trampoline and playing tug of war.
  • Tibi Useriu is a famous ultramarathoner.
  • When I was a kid, I used to love watching people ride the unicycle.
  • What is the difference between a referee and an umpire?
  • An umpire refers to sports officials who apply their services in various kinds of sporting competitions, whereas a referee is the person who ensures that all the rules and regulations of the game are correctly followed while the game is in progress.
  • The whole stadium went quiet as soon as he appeared, in his fresh uniform.
  • The rower displayed sportsmanship by helping his competitor, even though it cost him the silver medal.
  • In the summertime, I love going swimming, sailing, surfing and waterskiing.
  • Now you try!
  • Make sentences using the following words: quarterback, race, scoreboard, table tennis, tag, wetsuit and World Series!

Sports (4)

Hello everybody!

This week we will learn some more sports!

  • My sister used to practice karate and kung fu, but I was more into chess.
  • My brother is the league’s MVP.
  • Kayaking and parasailing are on my bucket list.
  • Josh plays in a minor league, but I have high hopes he will move on to the major league.
  • Due to the hit and the sudden movement, he lost his mouthguard.
  • There are no winners and losers in martial arts.
  • I love summer! Flying a kite, laying by the pool and playing with a pogo stick all day long.
  • I enjoy watching kickball, long jump, ping pong and pole vault.
  • My friend had an accident during paintball, so she never wants to do that again.
  • She played lacrosse in the university’s team.
  • Now she only likes Nordic skiing.
  • Now you try!
  • Compose sentences with the following words: Olympics, pitch, pitcher, polo, puck.

Sports (3)

Hello everybody!

This week, we are learning more about sports!

  • He enjoys figure skating, ice hockey, and judo.
  • She prefers to play football or watch gymnastics competitions on TV in her free time.
  • He used to be a gymnast, he actually won the gold medal a couple of years ago.
  • I quit jogging for fitness, but I sometimes miss my daily jog around the park.
  • It’s halftime for the field hockey match.
  • I like to play Frisbee, or watch free throw and hammer throw on TV.
  • I used to play handball in junior high, and hockey in highschool.
  • During the game, he had to wear a helmet, in order to avoid injury.
  • Ice skating and high jump are my two favorite sports!
  • He quit fencing for javelin throw.
  • Now you try!
    Make sentences with the following words: field, gear, goal, golf, jumping.


Hello everybody!

This week, we will learn about the Easter Holiday.

  • On Easter Sunday, various religions celebrate Jesusressurection.
  • People dye and paint eggs, as a symbol of the blood of Jesus, which painted the eggs in the basket below his cross.
  • Although Easter doesn’t have a set date, it is always celebrated on a Sunday.
  • The Good Friday is the Friday before Easter Sunday, and it represents the day in which Jesus was killed.
  • Catholic Easter and Orthodox Easter are not necessarily celebrated on the same date.

Try your hand!

Answer the follwing questions:
– Do you celebrate Easter? What is your favorite thing about Easter?

Sports (2)

Hello everybody!

This week, we will continue to talk about sports!

  • Mona is at the club, playing cricket.
  • Marcus wants to go to a diving school this summer. Apparently, you get a diver certificate after graduating.
  • The coach was arrested last night. Apparently, the supplements he was selling to athletes were actually drugs.
  • I have never played dodgeball when I was young. I don’t think I understand the rules very well.
  • I will need a discus for this exercise.
  • The equestrian competition is this Sunday!
  • My competitor lost because of faulty equipment, so I believe we should compete again!
  • Curling seems like your type of sport, grandma!
  • He is a very dedicated athlete, he hopes to compete in a decathlon soon!
  • This championship is based on his talent as a catcher!
  • Last year’s champion will be competing in a doubleheader, which means he will have to perform well in both contests, if he wants to keep his medal.
  • He was alone in the canoe when it tipped over.
  • She enjoys canoeing, croquet and playing darts.
  • She is a cyclist, but she plays defense on our weekly football match.

Try your hand!

Write sentences using the following words: catch, crew, and dartboard.

Sports (1)

Hello everybody!

Today, we will begin a new series of topics, this time related to sports!

What is your favorite sport?

  • I love practicing archery. I started when I was pregnant but I had a really hard time fiding my balance!
  • As the batter prepared for the change, the arena went silent!
  • The archer lifted the bow, nocked the arrow, and as he let go, we all exhaled in unison.
  • Do you want to go bowling with me and Jason tonight?
  • Thanks, but I’m not much of a bowler.
  • When we were younger, we used to love playing badminton.
  • Biathlon is my favourite! I love watching people shoot stuff, and the cross country skying feels like a bonus.
  • My sister really enjoys biking and aerobics. I was actually thinking of buying her a new bike for her birthday.
  • The moment I enjoy most of all, in baseball, is when the bat and the ball collide. It feels like the world stops for a second.
  • I really enjoy watching billiards or boxing, but I prefer to just watch.
  • They just won the bronze medal for bobsleigh!
  • Melanie, stop twirling your baton and wash your hands so we can have dinner!
  • My bicycle is in the shop this week, so I will be playing basketball.
  • The athlete was outside, playing with a boomerang.

Try your hand!

Write one or two sentences using the following two words: bicycling and boxer.

Occupations (9)

Hello everybody!

This is the last post in our “Occupations” category.

  • My tailor used to be a warden, but he quit his first job and followed his calling.
  • The valet who parked our car is a war veteran.
  • Is he a veterinarian?
  • No, he is a zoologist.
  • My sister used to be class tresurer, and now she works as a tax collector.
  • The tiler also works as a taxi driver on weekends.
  • Do you remember our waiter last night? Isn’t he that zookeeper?
  • She is a famous yodeler now, but she first worked as a waitress.
  • Between being a taxidermist and a trash collector, I believe I would choose the latter. I find dead animals creepy.
  • The travel agent advised me to book a translator if I have want to participate in the conference. Apparently, the people there don’t speak English at all.
  • My English teacher became a full time writer, and now she is very famous.
  • I was supposed to write about a warrior today, in English class, but I didn’t feel like it, so I asked the teacher to let me write about test pilots, and I will write about warriors as a homework.
  • Today, in shop class, we had to form pairs and work as either a toolmaker, a watchmaker, a welder, a woodcarver, or a workman.
  • Jodie, the famous violinist, is my tutor.
  • The term “umpire” designates a referee arbitrating a baseball match.
  • The usher at our wedding is actually an undertaker, that’s why he has a “deadly” air around him.
  • She was a weaver, he was a truck driver, they were in love.
  • My trader has a personal trainer.
  • The tennis player was involved in a car accident.
  • The technician will be here tomorrow at 13 to look at the fridge and see why it’s been making that noise.
  • She has been working as a typist for the last 10 years, but she just now mentioned that she doesn’t like it.

Occupations (8)

Hello everybody!

Today, we will learn about jobs and occupations which begin with the letters “R” and “S” in English.

  • Is she the receptionist or a real estate agent?
  • I must admit that the referee was very fair, even though my team did not win.
  • He swears like a sailor!
  • When he was younger, my little brother wanted to become a samurai. Now he works as a smith.
  • The surgeon asked for a radiographic film, but apparently the radiologist was nowhere to be found!
  • Do you remember when I told you my sister was a swimmer? She just called to tell me she is training for the Olympics.
  • My seamstress is amazing! You should check out what she managed to do with my old dress!
  • My dream is to move to Panama and become a scuba diver!
  • Even though being a rancher was in his blood, he became a star the day he became a saxophonist.
  • She used to be a ranger, but now she works as a surveyor.
  • One of my students told me she wanted to become a soldier, but her mother convinced her to go to college first.
  • The security guard stopped the scientist on his way out. It turns out the scientist wanted to steal a briefcase with some case files.
  • He went from being a street sweaper, to salesman, to statistician, to stockbroker, so you can really say he has done it all!
  • The scholar turned out to be a spy for a foreign government.
  • She used to be one of those socialites who gravitate around singers, but now she is a representative for a pharmaceutical company.
  • The Senator kept singing the chorus of “I shot the sheriff“.
  • He owns a couple of restaurants in New York, and he really knows his way around one, so you can say he is a restaurateur.
  • The reporter asked me to give them an interview and I accepted. It’s not like I couldn’t use the publicity.
  • She enjoys working as a registrar far better than she liked working as a researcher.

Occupations (7)

Hello everybody!

Today, we will learn more about jobs and occupations! What do you do?

  • The park ranger warned us not to leave fires unattended!
  • The pathologist was able to explain the cause of death so that we understand.
  • She is the youngest pilot too win this race!
  • Is your sister a physician?
  • No, she has a doctoral degree in Philology.
  • I promised my baby we will play pretend when we come back from the pediatrician. He wants to be a prince and I get to be a poet.
  • I was just coming back from the grocery store when I was stopped by a policeman. He said I was going over the speed limit, but I was sure I wasn’t.
  • The pawn broker advised me to check in with a lawyer or a paralegal, so I can make sure I can sell the painting.
  • I have a painter come in tomorrow to paint the nursery room!
  • He is a natural performer, I am glad he made it as a pianist!
  • When she was little, my sister wanted to be a princess, but she ended up becoming a paleontologist.
  • He quit his job as a pharmacist, became a percussionist and left on a world tour.
  • He couldn’t find work as a philosopher, so he enrolled as a private.
  • The producer hired a private detective to follow the main actor, because he was suspecting him of drinking before coming into work. It turns out the actor wasn’t drinking, but he was sleeping with the producer’s wife.
  • My brother used to dream about becoming a pitcher for the Yankees, but he ended up becoming a photographer.
  • The principal asked us to come in tomorrow to talk about our son.
  • When I was in college, one of my professors encouraged me to write, and that’s the story of how I became a writer.
  • My publisher wants the final first chapter by Monday.
  • The psychologist I was seeing recommended I go to a psychiatrist instead.
  • My daughter wants to become president.
  • He wants to be a programmer, but his parents encourage him to become a politician.
  • It’s hard to find a good plumber these days.
  • She is the physicist who won the laest Nobel prize for physics.

Occupations (6)

Hello everybody!

Today, we will learn about jobs and occupations which begin with the letters “M”, “N”, and “O”, in English.

  • Jane hired a magician for her daughter’s sixth birthday party. It was awesome!
  • Did you know Julie, our former maid, is now a famous oboist?
  • I recently met Susan, she used to be a muralist, now she has joined a convent and became a nun!
  • When I was in the hospital last year, after having my apendix removed, I ended up listening to gossip all day! It turns out the head nurse was cheating on her husband, the ophtalmologist, with one of the orderlies!
  • Our mail carrier looks like he used to be a marine!
  • Our mayor, Jason, used to be a model.
  • Everybody expected him to grow up to be a miner, like his father, but he ended up making it as a musician.
  • His mother wanted him to become a monk, but he choose to write his life and became a novelist.
  • Honey, do you have any idea where’s the prescription for my glasses? I have an appointment with the optician in a half an hour and I can’t find it!
  • The midwife was amazing! She really helped my wife during labor!
  • Jose is a negociator now, but we started working as a mechanic in his last year of highschool!
  • My phone stopped working again! I think I should write to the manufacturer!
  • During our trip in the jungle, there was a moment we got separated from our guide, and I ended up stranded, along with a mathematician, an ornithologist and a notary. As you might guess, the ornithologist was the fun one!
  • You know what they say, don’t shoot the messenger!
  • I think you overcharged me for this item, may I please speak to a manager?