Travel (3)

Hello everybody!

This week we will finish our holiday and travel related vocabulary! What are your holiday plans for this year?

  • On our last day in Bulgaria, we went to see the waterfall down by the Queen’s Palace in Balchik. It was an amazing view!
  • The tram is a symbol of Lisbon! The tramway runs across town, making it a great means of transport!
  • I would love to spend a weekend on a yacht!
  • The Prague zoo was awesome! It really feels like an animal sanctuary, not an animal prison!
  • When travelling to a new city, I recommend going on a guided tour! You can find out so much about the city’s history and architecture, as well as avoid any tourist traps, such as restaurants with high prices.
  • Find out if you need a visa before your trip! Sometimes, you can pay for visa on arrival, but other times you must acquire a visa before departing for the country!
  • I always take my video camera with me in a tote bag or a travel bag. That way, I know it won’t get stolen!
  • I keep a bag with an umbrella and some sunscreen in the trunk of my car. It’s always best to be prepared!
  • It takes me about a week to finish unpacking after a vacation. It’s great to go on an adventure, but it is also tiresome.
  • We stayed in a lovely hotel in Sintra. To get there, we took the subway from the airport, then the train!
  • You can take a cheap tour of any country if you choose to stay in a tent and travel by train! Sometimes, the train tickets are cheaper if you buy them online than if you get them at the train station!
  • Is it customary to tip the travel agent?
  • If you’ve packed your swimsuit, you can visit the local waterpark. You can also go on a ride with the tour bus or wander around town for a bit.
  • Is the museum in walking distance from the hotel or do we need a vehicle to get there?
  • It always helps to translate some words and phrases to the local language when travelling!
  • Now you try!
  • Write sentences with the following words: station, suitcase, takeoff, taxi, trail, tourist, voyage, wonder.

Travel (2)

Hello everybody! This week, we will learn some more travel and holiday related vocabulary!

  • On our trip last summer, we spent our first night at an inn of the highway, because we were too tired to keep driving.
  • The restaurant we wanted to eat at had a strict reservation policy, and it was booked for the next month, so we ended up eating at the hotel’s restaurant.
  • The resort we are staying in is close to the seashore, but we mostly lounge by the pool.
  • We took a lot of pictures in the national park expedition, and even more on the safari!
  • I had to change my passport, because my photo did not resemble me at all, and I was always questioned by airport security! It was a nightmare!
  • For a week of relaxation, choose Smooth Sail Ocean liner! Rest and sail away from your troubles for a week!
  • Could you please show me, on this map, how to get to the History Museum?
  • When travelling, do you prefer to stay in a hostel, a hotel or a motel?
  • Why do you need all this luggage? I managed to pack a single overnight bag. We are only staying at the ski lodge tonight, and we will be home by tomorrow evening.
  • I took a red-eye flight to the island, so I traveled at night.
  • I always keep a knapsack in the trunk of my car, with items to use in outdoor situations, such as paracord, a dynamo flashlight and some waterproof matches.
  • My family has a house by the lake and a cabin in the mountains!
  • The ship is on stand-by until it receives the “All clear!” signal from the shore.
  • I love a trip where I can sit back and admire the scenery, so I prefer to travel by bus or car.
  • During our last holiday, we had a sea view room! Waking up to that view everyday for a week was amazing!
  • Jamie just sent us a postcard! It turns out her leisure and recreation journey turned into a job! She will be managing the bungalow’s PR!
  • We ended up back home with a suitcase full of souvenirs and keepsakes!
  • Now you try!
  • Write sentences with the following words: hike, itinerary, jet, landing, plane, photographs, sight-seeing, lodge.

Travel (1)

Hello everybody!

This week we will learn some vocabulary words related to the holidays! Are you planning on doing something fun this summer?

  • Harry and I want to visit an amusement park this summer.
  • We were on our way to the airport when we were announced that the cruise ship would be delayed for a day.
  • It was my first flight, and the airplane departed safely.
  • I have flown international, but I have never flown domestic.
  • We wanted to go backpacking through Europe, but I can never fit anything in less than three pieces of baggage.
  • I packed the bags for the beach, including your new bathing suit.
  • We equiped the car for the camping trip, we will also take our bikes, the biniculars, and a garment bag. Dad will drive for the first part of the trip, then Mom takes over.
  • Should we take a cab or a bus from the airport to the hotel?
  • It is advisable to have foreign currency with you when travelling abroad.
  • On our last holiday, we went on a guided tour, on a boat down the river. It was a wonderful experience!
  • Mary fell in love with a foreigner. He was visiting, she was his guide, and now, five years later, they are getting married!
  • When it was time to embark, the stewardess wanted be to check my carry-on as she deemed it too heavy to be a cabin baggage.
  • The Maldives are an amazing destination!
  • The flight was alright, and we went through customs quickly.
  • The cruise included a one day expedition in the jungle. It was amazing!
  • Now you try!
  • Write sentences with the following words: cabin, coast, departure, explore, ferry, getaway, camera, excursion.

Summer (2)

Hello everybody!

This week, we will learn some more words and phrases related to summer!

  • My fan helps me survive this searing heat.
  • Last year, when we went camping, we forgot the Frisbee at home, but we did get to go canoeing.
  • On July fourth, we are going to go hiking, sit on the grass and watch the fireworks.
  • I would love to go sailing in the summer, but I don’t live near the seashore.
  • Brian and Erica are going on a road trip, while Ted wants to relax, so he is planning a sea voyage.
  • I hope to escape the heat and the humidity this summer. I am planning a journey in the mountains.
  • I packed my bikini and my sandals. I will grab your shorts and we are ready to go!
  • Summer solstice marks the longest day of the year.
  • There is a saying, “April showers bring May flowers!” It means that, due to the rains in the month of April, flowers blossom in May!
  • We should go sightseeing around town next weekend, if it’s sunny!
  • No ice cream or popsicles outside, please! Eat your treats inside then go out to play!
  • Now you try!
  • Make up sentences with the following words: outings, recreation, rest.

Summer (1)

Hello everybody!

This week, we will learn some fun summer related words!

  • At home, we turn on the air conditioner in June and keep it on until September!
  • We love spending time outdoors in the summer! We usually take some trips with the family, make some time to travel or visit the local waterpark!
  • Michelle wore a sunhat and a sundress to Mike’s Fourth of July Party.
  • I am helping Mike plan his Fourth of July Party, and I was thinking we should serve fresh fruit, maybe like a watermelon “pizza” with berries.
  • I was thinking of taking a gardening class this summer. I would love to grow something in my garden, maybe daisies or roses or sunflowers.
  • We should go hiking next Saturday, and then on Sunday we can relax, maybe have a picnic at the park.
  • The kids leave for camp on August 7th, so I was thinking we should get out of this blistering heat and maybe book a room with an ocean view for a weekend.
  • Thunderstorms like these are frequent this time of year. I enjoy sitting by the window and trying to photograph the lightning.
  • I packed my swimsuit, my swimming cap, sunscreen and Joey’s swim fins. I hope we get to do some diving this summer.
  • I hope I get to work on my tan by the beach.
  • Last year, for our summer holiday, we went backpacking through Eastern Europe, and the year before that we went waterskiing for a whole week.
  • Now you try!
  • Make up sentences with the following words: baseball, humidity, seashore, sandcastle, vacation, warm weather.

School (2)

Hello everybody!

This week, we will learn even more about school supplies and vocabulary!

  • If I don’t write everything down in my notebook, I forget everything!
  • Mrs. Chatswick had to leave early today, so the library is closed.
  • My mom likes to leave little notes in my lunch box so I can read them at lunch.
  • For my next arts and crafts project, I will need a map, markers, a pencil sharpener, a stapler and some tape.
  • The teacher said there will be a test next week, with questions from the past week’s lesson.
  • Even though I love playing sports, I hated physical education class.
  • I think I will need a mechanical pencil for my mathematics class.
  • He is one of our smartest students, he has an extensive vocabulary. You can tell he really knows how to use a thesaurus!
  • I need to memorize the state capitals by next week. Our geography teacher makes us write them on the whiteboard, and it’s my turn.
  • Can I borrow some paint and watercolors for next period?
  • I need some paper clips, some rubber bands and a ruler for my portfolio.
  • I need new ink cartridges and some paper for my printer.
  • The principal took me aside and asked me to work with the new pupil on this project.
  • I prefer to use thumb tacks to push pins, because they are easier to remove.
  • For next week, I want you to work in pairs, and each pair makes a poster of the world map.
  • I always keep a pair of scissors and a staple remover in my pencil case.
  • Now you try!
  • Make sentences using the following words: memo pad, notebook, paste, pen, pencil, quiz, reading, recess, science.

School (1)

Hello everybody!

This week, we will learn a little bit about school vocabulary.

  • His answers are not always correct, but he is very intelligent.
  • We begin studying arithmetics pretty early in our lives.
  • The assignement was due tomorrw but Jodie still hasn’t started working on it.
  • For my geography homework, I will need a globe or an atlas, a ballpoint pen, construction paper, some crayons and a three hole punch.
  • Mom, have you seen my backpack?
  • It’s on the table, next to your history homework.
  • I need to buy more ink for my fountain pen. I’ll write with a gel pen untill we go shopping.
  • In your school, do you have chalk boards or dry-erase boards?
  • We have chalk boards or blackboards.
  • David is our class clown.
  • In my English class, the teacher uses a computer, but also traditional classroom items, such as flash cards.
  • I made my own bookmark, using colored pencils and scissors.
  • I left the book I was reding on the desk, next to the calculator, but now I can’t find it.
  • Pass me the dictionary and the glossary, please. I need to add a definition.
  • I made my shopping list for school supplied! I need a clip board, an encyclopedia , some chalk, some folders and erasers, and a nice calendar.
  • I have a language exam next week, which I neet to study for. It counts for half of my grade!
  • The keyboard on my laptop is not working well. Some of the keys aren’t working at all.
  • In high school, for science class, we used to participate in experiments! I really liked it.
  • Now you try!
  • Make sentences with the following words: highlighter, binder, bookcase, compass, glue, gym, learn, dividers, easel.

Colors (2)

Hello everybody!

Today, we will learn more colors!

  • Those lime green pants don’t really go with your jacket.
  • We chose mahogany hardwood floors, as they make a nice contrast with the salmon wallpaper.
  • Our house has a slate tiled roof, while he neighbours’ house has a terracotta tiled roof.
  • Her whole house is decorated in pastel colors, ocher, peach, periwinkle, taupe. It looks nice, but it could use a bright splash of color, something magenta or ultramarine.
  • I can’t find a difference between maroon, persimmon, sienna and umber. They all look brown to me.
  • I have to choose between my navy blue dress, my purple cocktail dress, or my sister’s mauve Mermaid dress to wear to the event.
  • Is the orange fruit named after the color orange or is the color named after the fruit?
  • Between a red, a ruby and a pumpkin lipstick, I would opt for the ruby. It makes your teeth appear a whole shade whiter!
  • The colors of the rainbow are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.
  • Is the color tangerine darker or lighter than orange? What about mustard?
  • My favorite red shades are rose and scarlet.
  • I would like the bridesmaids’ dresses to be either sea green, teal or turqoise, but my mother suggested that steel blue also works with my color scheme.
  • He wore a tan coat with olive pants.
  • Now you try!
  • Make sentences with the following words: pink, saffron, sapphire, shamrock, vermillion, silver and topaz.

Colors (1)

Hello everybody!

This week and next week, we will learn some color names! I bet you didn’t know there were this many! 🙂

  • She has eyes the color of amber, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.
  • I keep picturing myself passing my fingers through his short, auburn hair.
  • The color combination between beige, coral, cream and khaki doesn’t sound too appealing.
  • There might be a difference between aqua, azure and aquamarine, but I really can’t tell.
  • If you have trouble distinguishing between jade and kelly green, just remember that kelly green is the one reminiscing of the Irish landscape.
  • His eyes were brown with copper tones, and he had jet black hair.
  • Ok, I get that ecru and eggplant are colors, but desert sand? Really?
  • Cerise is lighter than fuchsia. Crimson is darker than both of them.
  • I love the combination between cerulean and gold.
  • Charcoal is darker than gray.
  • I have an ivory foundation and an apricot blush. My friend uses ebony foundation and bronze contour.
  • Remember when chocolate and lemon were only food items, not colors?
  • I like your lilac dress!
  • Now you try!
  • Make sentences with the following words: indigo, lavender, blue, emerald, jungle green and cyan.

Sports (6)

Hello everybody!

This week is our final lesson on sports!

  • I was unable to play tennis last week, as I had my racket restrung.
  • My uncle played professional rugby when he was younger.
  • My aunt loves roller skating and racewalking.
  • Squash is your favourite sport?
  • I enjoy watching Sumo wrestling and taekwondo, and I enjoy practicing speed skating, weightlifting, water polo and wrestling.
  • France won the last World Cup, but Croatia won our hearts!
  • My sister loves playing volleyball, that’s how she met most of her friends.
  • Do you want to go for a walk in the park?
  • Actually, I would love to play some tetherball right now. Maybe later.
  • I enjoy windsurfing more than skiing. I can’t stand the cold weather!
  • There are no losers in snowboarding.
  • There are no winners, either!
  • My track and field teammate just quit!
  • Now you try!
  • Make sentences using the following words: skating rink, racquetball, slalom, sled, softball, wakeboarding, soccer, white water rafting.