About Travel and learn



This blog is a combination of all the things I am passionate about: travelling, photography and foreign languages.


I love to travel, visit museums and get a sense of the place I am in.
In my photography, I try to emphasize colour, because I believe we could all benefit from having an extra “drop” of colour in our lives.
Regarding foreign languages, I have always been passionate about English, and I have also studied French, Italian and Portuguese. These, I am still learning. And I want to invite you all to discover them with me.

I will try to post almost everyday, as follows:
– English Monday
– Italian Tuesday
– Portuguese Wednesday
– Travel Thursday
– French Friday
– Spanish Saturday
– Short story Sunday.

Regarding Short Story Sunday, I will finally try to put down “on paper” all the ideas I have. Depending on how mych time I have, I will try, but I make no promises of when the first short story will see “the light of print” :).
Read you tomorrow!

Travel and learn!



Hi everybody! I hope to be able to publish weekly, please follow me and also follow my instagram @travellandlearn2

I will be uploading photos, various easy language lessons and I also hope to publish some short stories, should I be able to finally put them in writing.