Travel (2)

Hello everybody! This week, we will learn some more travel and holiday related vocabulary!

  • On our trip last summer, we spent our first night at an inn of the highway, because we were too tired to keep driving.
  • The restaurant we wanted to eat at had a strict reservation policy, and it was booked for the next month, so we ended up eating at the hotel’s restaurant.
  • The resort we are staying in is close to the seashore, but we mostly lounge by the pool.
  • We took a lot of pictures in the national park expedition, and even more on the safari!
  • I had to change my passport, because my photo did not resemble me at all, and I was always questioned by airport security! It was a nightmare!
  • For a week of relaxation, choose Smooth Sail Ocean liner! Rest and sail away from your troubles for a week!
  • Could you please show me, on this map, how to get to the History Museum?
  • When travelling, do you prefer to stay in a hostel, a hotel or a motel?
  • Why do you need all this luggage? I managed to pack a single overnight bag. We are only staying at the ski lodge tonight, and we will be home by tomorrow evening.
  • I took a red-eye flight to the island, so I traveled at night.
  • I always keep a knapsack in the trunk of my car, with items to use in outdoor situations, such as paracord, a dynamo flashlight and some waterproof matches.
  • My family has a house by the lake and a cabin in the mountains!
  • The ship is on stand-by until it receives the “All clear!” signal from the shore.
  • I love a trip where I can sit back and admire the scenery, so I prefer to travel by bus or car.
  • During our last holiday, we had a sea view room! Waking up to that view everyday for a week was amazing!
  • Jamie just sent us a postcard! It turns out her leisure and recreation journey turned into a job! She will be managing the bungalow’s PR!
  • We ended up back home with a suitcase full of souvenirs and keepsakes!
  • Now you try!
  • Write sentences with the following words: hike, itinerary, jet, landing, plane, photographs, sight-seeing, lodge.

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