Travel (1)

Hello everybody!

This week we will learn some vocabulary words related to the holidays! Are you planning on doing something fun this summer?

  • Harry and I want to visit an amusement park this summer.
  • We were on our way to the airport when we were announced that the cruise ship would be delayed for a day.
  • It was my first flight, and the airplane departed safely.
  • I have flown international, but I have never flown domestic.
  • We wanted to go backpacking through Europe, but I can never fit anything in less than three pieces of baggage.
  • I packed the bags for the beach, including your new bathing suit.
  • We equiped the car for the camping trip, we will also take our bikes, the biniculars, and a garment bag. Dad will drive for the first part of the trip, then Mom takes over.
  • Should we take a cab or a bus from the airport to the hotel?
  • It is advisable to have foreign currency with you when travelling abroad.
  • On our last holiday, we went on a guided tour, on a boat down the river. It was a wonderful experience!
  • Mary fell in love with a foreigner. He was visiting, she was his guide, and now, five years later, they are getting married!
  • When it was time to embark, the stewardess wanted be to check my carry-on as she deemed it too heavy to be a cabin baggage.
  • The Maldives are an amazing destination!
  • The flight was alright, and we went through customs quickly.
  • The cruise included a one day expedition in the jungle. It was amazing!
  • Now you try!
  • Write sentences with the following words: cabin, coast, departure, explore, ferry, getaway, camera, excursion.

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