Summer (1)

Hello everybody!

This week, we will learn some fun summer related words!

  • At home, we turn on the air conditioner in June and keep it on until September!
  • We love spending time outdoors in the summer! We usually take some trips with the family, make some time to travel or visit the local waterpark!
  • Michelle wore a sunhat and a sundress to Mike’s Fourth of July Party.
  • I am helping Mike plan his Fourth of July Party, and I was thinking we should serve fresh fruit, maybe like a watermelon “pizza” with berries.
  • I was thinking of taking a gardening class this summer. I would love to grow something in my garden, maybe daisies or roses or sunflowers.
  • We should go hiking next Saturday, and then on Sunday we can relax, maybe have a picnic at the park.
  • The kids leave for camp on August 7th, so I was thinking we should get out of this blistering heat and maybe book a room with an ocean view for a weekend.
  • Thunderstorms like these are frequent this time of year. I enjoy sitting by the window and trying to photograph the lightning.
  • I packed my swimsuit, my swimming cap, sunscreen and Joey’s swim fins. I hope we get to do some diving this summer.
  • I hope I get to work on my tan by the beach.
  • Last year, for our summer holiday, we went backpacking through Eastern Europe, and the year before that we went waterskiing for a whole week.
  • Now you try!
  • Make up sentences with the following words: baseball, humidity, seashore, sandcastle, vacation, warm weather.

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