School (2)

Hello everybody!

This week, we will learn even more about school supplies and vocabulary!

  • If I don’t write everything down in my notebook, I forget everything!
  • Mrs. Chatswick had to leave early today, so the library is closed.
  • My mom likes to leave little notes in my lunch box so I can read them at lunch.
  • For my next arts and crafts project, I will need a map, markers, a pencil sharpener, a stapler and some tape.
  • The teacher said there will be a test next week, with questions from the past week’s lesson.
  • Even though I love playing sports, I hated physical education class.
  • I think I will need a mechanical pencil for my mathematics class.
  • He is one of our smartest students, he has an extensive vocabulary. You can tell he really knows how to use a thesaurus!
  • I need to memorize the state capitals by next week. Our geography teacher makes us write them on the whiteboard, and it’s my turn.
  • Can I borrow some paint and watercolors for next period?
  • I need some paper clips, some rubber bands and a ruler for my portfolio.
  • I need new ink cartridges and some paper for my printer.
  • The principal took me aside and asked me to work with the new pupil on this project.
  • I prefer to use thumb tacks to push pins, because they are easier to remove.
  • For next week, I want you to work in pairs, and each pair makes a poster of the world map.
  • I always keep a pair of scissors and a staple remover in my pencil case.
  • Now you try!
  • Make sentences using the following words: memo pad, notebook, paste, pen, pencil, quiz, reading, recess, science.

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