School (1)

Hello everybody!

This week, we will learn a little bit about school vocabulary.

  • His answers are not always correct, but he is very intelligent.
  • We begin studying arithmetics pretty early in our lives.
  • The assignement was due tomorrw but Jodie still hasn’t started working on it.
  • For my geography homework, I will need a globe or an atlas, a ballpoint pen, construction paper, some crayons and a three hole punch.
  • Mom, have you seen my backpack?
  • It’s on the table, next to your history homework.
  • I need to buy more ink for my fountain pen. I’ll write with a gel pen untill we go shopping.
  • In your school, do you have chalk boards or dry-erase boards?
  • We have chalk boards or blackboards.
  • David is our class clown.
  • In my English class, the teacher uses a computer, but also traditional classroom items, such as flash cards.
  • I made my own bookmark, using colored pencils and scissors.
  • I left the book I was reding on the desk, next to the calculator, but now I can’t find it.
  • Pass me the dictionary and the glossary, please. I need to add a definition.
  • I made my shopping list for school supplied! I need a clip board, an encyclopedia , some chalk, some folders and erasers, and a nice calendar.
  • I have a language exam next week, which I neet to study for. It counts for half of my grade!
  • The keyboard on my laptop is not working well. Some of the keys aren’t working at all.
  • In high school, for science class, we used to participate in experiments! I really liked it.
  • Now you try!
  • Make sentences with the following words: highlighter, binder, bookcase, compass, glue, gym, learn, dividers, easel.

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