Colors (2)

Hello everybody!

Today, we will learn more colors!

  • Those lime green pants don’t really go with your jacket.
  • We chose mahogany hardwood floors, as they make a nice contrast with the salmon wallpaper.
  • Our house has a slate tiled roof, while he neighbours’ house has a terracotta tiled roof.
  • Her whole house is decorated in pastel colors, ocher, peach, periwinkle, taupe. It looks nice, but it could use a bright splash of color, something magenta or ultramarine.
  • I can’t find a difference between maroon, persimmon, sienna and umber. They all look brown to me.
  • I have to choose between my navy blue dress, my purple cocktail dress, or my sister’s mauve Mermaid dress to wear to the event.
  • Is the orange fruit named after the color orange or is the color named after the fruit?
  • Between a red, a ruby and a pumpkin lipstick, I would opt for the ruby. It makes your teeth appear a whole shade whiter!
  • The colors of the rainbow are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.
  • Is the color tangerine darker or lighter than orange? What about mustard?
  • My favorite red shades are rose and scarlet.
  • I would like the bridesmaids’ dresses to be either sea green, teal or turqoise, but my mother suggested that steel blue also works with my color scheme.
  • He wore a tan coat with olive pants.
  • Now you try!
  • Make sentences with the following words: pink, saffron, sapphire, shamrock, vermillion, silver and topaz.

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