Roses and Fountains of Varna

This year, for my birthday, my husband and I decided to do something new, instead of the usual restaurant lunch / dinner. However, international flights were out of the question, but we really missed a road trip, so we decided to drive to Varna.

From Constanta, Romania, it’s about a two-and-a-half hour drive.

We did get into some trouble with the Buglarian Vignette, because the shop in the Customs area was very busy, and we didn’t want to waste any more time, so we decided to buy the vignette at the first Petrol Station, in Durankulak. Unfortunately, they didn’t have that option there anymore (or they did, but they didn’t want to help us, the ladies there seemed very unhelpfull), so we ended up buying it online.

On our way to Varna, in order to stretch our legs, we stopped for a coffee in Tyulenovo.

Tyulenovo Bar and Restaurant

I recommend Tyulenovo Bar and Restaurant, it was a wonderful place, with an amazing view for a cup of coffee or even a lunch. They also function as a hotel, so if this is a view you could wake up to, now you have the opportunity! The prices are also budget-friendly, we paid 15 Leva (Around 7,50 Euro or 8,50 USD) for 2 coffees, a beer and a Coca-Cola.

Next, we arrived in Varna, and we ran into some more trouble with parking. The streets of Varna are narrower than we were used to, and there was road work on the streest near the center, so we had a difficult time finding a parking spot. When we did find a parking spot, it turned out we needed a Bulgarian phone number to send an SMS message to pay for the parking, or download an app and connect to it with a credit card. Finally, we managed to find somebody who was nice enough to send the SMSs from his mobile phone, and we paid him in cash for the parking. Parking in Varna costs 1 Leva per hour, plus the cost of the message, and you can send up to 3 SMS, so you can pay for 3 hours.

Next, we left our car and went in search of the wonders of Varna.

Antiques shop in Varna
Roses and Ruins

The rose is the flower symbol of Bulgaria, and with good reason. In the photo above, you can see a part of the Roman Baths, surrounded by a garden of roses.

What I did miss this time, but I promised myself I wouldn’t miss next time, is a shopping session for one of the many cosmetic products with rose oil. In addition to their properties, they also smell amazing!

The Bulgarian Rose

The Sea Garden, the major park in Varna, is a real wonder of nature. A walk in the park helped us recharge our batteries and gave me some time to find these gems below.

Follow us to find about the best place to eat in Varna!

Did you visit Varna? What do you think of the city? Let us know in the comments!

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