Occupations (3)

Hello everybody!

Today, we will talk about occupations again! This topic will keep us occupied (haha!) for the next couple of weeks!

  • Do you remember Mike? He moved to Mexico and became a diver! Also, during the weekends, he moonlights as a DJ!
  • He is a lovely dancer! He was just accepted at Julliard!
  • My dentist tells me I should try to cut down on my coffee intake!
  • Judy, the drummer of the band, threatened to quit if they don’t play “I shot the sherrif, but I did not shoot the deputy” at their next concert!
  • My husband is an ecologist, so he doesn’t know I take all his laundry to the dry cleaner!
  • I heard the director is meeting with the economist next week. I hope they have good news for us!
  • Your editor called! He wants to talk about your latest work in progress!
  • He is a dictator of a small country, he shouldn’t be allowed to vote on such matters!
  • You should always get any moles checked out by a dermatologist!
  • Maggie quit her job as an engineer and became an explorer!
  • In addition to being a designer, he is the youngest entrepreneur in our city!
  • The empress is always so nicely dressed! She truly is a role model!
  • What is the most ironic thing you heard this week? My friend, Molly, who is an entomologist, married an exterminator!
  • She is a wonderful detective! You barely notice her!
  • He is a great entertainer, the audience always goes up during his TV show.
  • She became an electrician, just like her father before her.

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