Honeymoon in Lisbon – Day 4

Hello everybody!

This is day 4 in the honeymoon itinerary in the Lisbon area! Please find day 1 HERE, day 2 HERE, and day 3 HERE.

The beginning of day 4 finds us in Sintra, with one last objective to visit!

The best money I ever spent was the entrance fee to Quinta da Regaleira! The former farm has some of the most amazing views in Sintra! In addition to the underground tunnels spread throughout the place, I was most amazed by the waterfall! The initiation well is also an impressive architectural feat!

After visiting the Quinta da Regaleira, take the train for Lisbon. Check in at a hotel of your choice – there are many options, and walk around. Find a nice desert shop or a special shopping center and buy a souvenir from your honeymoon! I still have my refrigerator magnet from Prague, and a nice little coin purse from Lisbon! It doesn’t have to be something big, just a nice, small memento.

For a nice and casual dinner, I suggest a food market – a new concept we experienced in Lisbon. The Time Out Mercato is a nice spot for both tourists and locals to enjoy a nice dinner or drinks and dessert! However, for a truly authentic experience, I recommend Mercato do Campo Ourique, a “locals only” hidden gem! Taste a few slices of proscuitto and a glass of the Alentejano wines! I must admit, hand on my heart, that after the first visit, we actually ended up returning the following night! I will leave you with a couple of photos!

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  1. i think the food and the place is absolutely perfect. It is not too crowded which is good. You will really have a good and memorable time in here.

  2. What a beautiful place for a honeymoon! I am adding this to my bucket list of places I would love to see in person!

  3. Looks incredibly beautiful! I need to add Lisbon to my bucket list. The food looks delicious and the views are divine.

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