Accents 5

I try to make as little noise as possible, so as not to wake him, but when I turn around I see he is awake and staring at the ceiling.

“Good morning, sunshine!” I smile at him.


The dark circles around his eyes tell me he still hasn’t gotten much sleep last night. Not that I wouldn’t know! I blush as I think about last night, and he sees me staring at him, so he kisses me and catches me in an embrace, pulling me back to the bed.

“Must…brush…teeth!” I manage to get out, in between kisses.

He laughs and lets me go, muttering something about coffee. I manage to find my toothbrush and some toothpaste and start brushing my teeth. I feel the minty taste of toothpaste and already feel refreshed. As I try to find a dry towel, he comes up from behind me and picks me up and kisses me again.

“Better?” he grins at me.

“Much better!” I smile at him and we kiss again. I try to think about not being able to do this and it makes me sad. He sees me disconnect and I see the question in his eyes.

“It’s just… I was thinking about the bill proposal. What if the Government vote passes?  Can you imagine outlawing feelings? Not being able to express yourself? I mean, I get why they try to do this, but blaming feelings for terrorism and rebellion is just hypocritical. They want to subdue the population, they have managed to get people not to care anymore about anything with their TV propaganda, and now they want to take away every bit of emotion in the world – no music, no art, no love, no nothing. How would that work? Would marriage still be a thing?” I half expect him to try and cheer me up, but I see he is only watching me intently.

“I know what you mean… it gets worse, I just didn’t have the heart to tell you! They will start outlawing books next… As for the art, my boss called me in his office yesterday to ask me to work this weekend – Josh was supposed to, but it’s his wife’s birthday. I agreed, but when I was leaving his office I noticed some papers in his fax machine – it was the fire report from the Central Museum of Art. They mentioned the use of a catalyst, which means that, as I was saying all along, the fire was planted. However, my boss mentioned they found nothing, when I asked him. They are going to get away with this, as they are going to get away with everything!”

“Not exactly…my article was supposed to be published today. Maybe I can quote you as a confidential source.”

“Sure! That sounds good!” He smiled at me as he went to get dressed, but I knew he didn’t believe it would work. I wasn’t sure what I believed anymore.

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