Cafe ‘ Rocher Catania

Hello everybody!

One of my plans for 2019 is to try and write more often, and more original content, not just language lessons, but also short stories and travel related posts!

This week’s Travel Thursday is more like a history lesson than a review, seeing as the place I am talking about is permanently closed.

I have spent several my winter holidays in Catania for several years, and it was a beautiful place. It was really nice to enjoy Christmas at 15 degrees Celsius, even though everybody was bunddled up as though it was freezing.

One of my favorite tips for tourists in Catania would be to enjoy happy hour! In this part of Sicily, as I have found, happy hour means that for every cocktail you order, you receive some sort of appetizer.

Cafe Rocher was really great, and the food was really good! It was the place where I learned to love Pasta alla Norma (and the only place where I actually enjoyed eggplant!), and their desserts were quite decadent also.

One of the reasons why I liked Cafe Rocher was because their happy hour offer extended to beer also (not many bars offered appetizers for beer, only for cocktails), and I was there with my now husband, who isn’t really a fan of cocktails.

Do you have any such tips for other tourists?

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  1. We love to travel too, although we don’t get to travel as often as we want to. Every place we go to have its pros and cons that we could learn from.

  2. I read somewhere that if you truly want a local experience then try the local food and the places where locals go. Love the narration and I felt as if I am traveling with you πŸ™‚

  3. I love that you’re teaching language on your blog! I speak English, French and Spanish. But I really need to brush up on my Spanish more. I’ve been to Italy, but never to Sicily. Thank you for telling us about this little cafe.

  4. The place looks so good. I am all for local food wherever I travel.I am always on a lookout for a good champagne. This definitely sounds great. Great post, thanks for sharing!

  5. I doubt I will ever get to visit there (I live in Maine), but this does look like a nice place to visit. The outdoor seating and the area look quaint, and the food looks scrumptious.

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